My posts on this page announce news + events relating to my work as an illustrator and artist. As a blog, it also allows me to showcase and talk about all things inspirational and of interest to my roving eye.


Book Cover Archive

For all you book nerds, designers or illustrators, here is a great website I spotted from Design Porn. It is the archive of book cover designs and designers.  And it exists soley for the purpose of appreciation and inspiration. Sweet!



Summer Painting

Every summer I tackle some self-directed projects.  This piece is a painting I have done for an upcoming promotional calendar that my repping agency produces each fall/winter. The painting is called 'Scream'.


Milton Glaser


Surroundings As Reference

 This last year I received a wonderful set of porcelain bookends in the shape of an iceberg.  The artist is Katherine Morley and I have admired them for ages at the Toronto design shop MADE, owned by my good friends Shaun and Julie. The bookends have a fantastic Lauren Harris feel about them.

 Shortly afterwards, I got a job from American Scientific to illustrate an article called Arctic Grab, all about the attractive undiscovered riches of the arctic circle, and just who has ownership.  The impulse was clear to me.  I needed to use this wonderful object as a stylized reference for my concept of nations fighting over and taking a grab at an iceberg.  



Third Skin


In 1999, two artist friends and myself formed an art collective.The purpose of this union was to kick-start our creative juices, break down some mental blocks and to simply have fun. I was frustrated with where I wanted to take my work as an illustrator at the time and this was a springboard for getting myself out of a stylistic rut. My work was very well established, but I was feeling stale. It was time to shake things up. We decided to call ourselves NO IDEA, an homage to another trio, GENERAL IDEA, the groundbreaking Canadian art collective. The rule of thumb for our work revolves around the ‘exquisite corpse’ method. We all work on the same pieces at different times and rotate them, each artist adding to and responding to what was previously done. The accompanying 3 pieces are in fact a triptych and were executed around the theme of beauty/surface/body-politics and our view of that world around us. (in a nutshell) NO IDEA: Grant Reimer, Dell Brown, Thom Sevalrud

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